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Women's Zoom Event

Saturday September 26

Relational Wisdom: Going beyond emotional intelligence.

9:00 -10:45am

Becoming emotionally aware internally goes a long way in improving our interactions with others.  For Christians, we know there is a third person in the mix, Jesus.  We believe that to understand ourselves correctly we must be actively pursuing a relationship with Him.

Women’s Ministry is excited to host a workshop on Relational Wisdom lead by Patti Damiani, co-founder of Anchor Point Ministry (www.anchorpointministry.org).  Patti is a certified Relational Wisdom Instructor as well as a Navigator Life and Leadership Coach.  She brings her experience in Women’s Ministry and disciple-making together with her training in Emotional Intelligence for Christian women desiring to develop a quality relationship with self, with others, and with God.

Cost $10.00

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