What to Expect

Expect to be welcomed!

what to expect

Come as you are, and dress however you want. Whether you are single, married, parents, teen, or child; Redeemer welcomes you... If you have small children, we have a fully staffed nursery with lots of toys and activities. 

No person or thing is more valuable than God. God created the world around us (Genesis 1:1), and every thing truly good in our lives is from Him (James 1:17). God also sacrificed His Son so that those who put their trust in Him will be saved from sins power and gain eternal life (Romans 6:23). Worshipping God keeps our eyes focused on Him. It keeps us from placing more value on the stuff around us than on God. It also gives Him the opportunity to work in our lives.

We invite you to worship with us this weekend. We're not concerned with how you're dressed or how much you know about church. We want you to experience God. Simply  be open to experiencing Him. We've got four Sunday services, each with traditional liturgical elements such as a prayer of Confession, the Apostle's Creed, and weekly Communion. Our children and teens worship with their families at all of our services, for we value intergenerational learning and experiences.  However, nursery care is provided for young children. Come let God know He is valuable to you.

Sunday @ 8:00 and 11:00 AM in the Chapel

This quiet, contemplative, service has traditional liturgical elements woven in with powerful hymns of faith and a truth-filled message straight from the Word of God. Opportunity for personal prayer and healing is provided.

Sunday @ 8:00 and 11:00 AM in the Family Life Center

These contemporary, family-focused services have traditional liturgical elements woven in with powerful, uplifting worship songs and hymns to prepare our hearts for a message that relates the truth of God's Word to our lives. Opportunity for personal prayer and healing is provided.

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