How Can I get Involved?

The important question to ask yourself is whether God is calling you to make Redeemer your Church home. You should take adequate time to prayerfully seek God’s will. Then there are a few simple steps you can take to become part of our family.

  1. Attend our weekly worship services on a regular basis for several months to get a real feel for our worship life. Is this a comfortable fit for your family?

  2. Observe our style of doing ministry. How do we live out our values and is this a place that would benefit the Spiritual growth of your family?

  3. Meet with the leadership of Redeemer and get to know some other people. There are several ways to accomplish this. Join one of the many Faith Step groups held on a Sunday morning.  These are listed in the Faith Steps booklet found at the Connections Center in the main lobby.  You may also call the church office to make an appointment with someone from the staff.

  4. Get involved in a Life Group where you can continue the journey of maturity through prayer, Bible Study, and accountability in the company of other individuals who want to love Christ and serve Him.

  5. When the time is right, set aside time to attend our Membership Classes. These are usually offered as a part of our Faith Steps for adult spiritual growth on a Sunday morning. The classes will prepare you to make a public affirmation of your commitment to Redeemer Lutheran Church.

  6. God has gifted every believer. On this journey, you should be discovering how and where He wants you to serve. There are many opportunities at Redeemer. You can make an appointment with someone from our staff to discuss your desires and dreams.

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